If you are going through difficult times or want to make changes in your life, we can support you.

Individual therapy can help you solve emotional difficulties or relationship conflicts that cause suffering or discomfort and can also help you gain confidence in your personal choices and integrate new perspectives and solutions to the vital dilemmas you are dealing with.

We offer individual therapy for sexual and gender diversity clients and also for heterosexual clients:

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Our therapeutic team provides a specialised approach for sexual and gender diversities, based on the scientific research we have developed on sexual diversity and psychotherapy, as well as on our clinical experience with sexually diverse clients.

We value diversity and work on your reason for consultation without questioning your sexual orientation or your gender identity. Your reason for consultation may or may not be related to your sexuality. We respect your independence and your life choices so you can count on a safe and professional therapeutic context to explore your questions or difficulties.

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For us, human diversity goes far beyond the LGBT acronym and therefore heterosexuals are also welcome in our prejudice-free therapeutic environment.

20% of our patients are heterosexual and consult with LIBERARTE because they want to receive a prejudice-free therapy, where they can express themselves without fear of being judged and where they feelunderstood by our therapeutic team that values human diversity.

Procedure to start individual therapy

Our main interest is that you can feel free and you can live your life according to your own parameters.Our therapists will assess your perspectives in order to broaden them and to find possible solutions to the dilemmas and challenges you are facing.

consultorio.circuloIndividual therapy begins with your request for help and involves a personalized assessment, according to your needs and expectations regarding the therapeutic process. When you contact us, one of our therapists will accompany you in the process of scheduling your first session.

At the first session you can tell your therapist about the situations you are going through and so your therapist will design the best strategy to help you.

Each session lasts one hour and you can schedule it Mondays through Fridays from 9 am to 10 pm (GMT-5).


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