Many families find it difficult to accept that one family member is homosexual, bisexual or transgenderFathers, mothers, siblings, grandparents, children and other family members may experience some fears and questions when a family member reveals his or her sexual orientation or gender identity.

Since it can be difficult to talk about this to other relatives or friends, we can help you solve these questions and fears in order to enhance the relationships among family members and to ensure the family’s well-being.

Family therapy can help you solve tensions, challenges and family crises that may arise during the coming-out process of a family member or in other circumstances involving sexual of gender diversities.

Our therapeutic team provides a specialised approach for families with sexually diverse members.

homoparental homeIf you are LGBT parents and you are going through a difficult situation, we can help.

Therapy for LGBT families can help you solve conflicts, tensions or crises. It can also help you strengthen family ties and meet the challenges of a diverse family life at different times of the family life cycle.

Our therapeutic team provides a specialised approach for LGBT families. We value diversity and work on your reason for consultation without judging your sexual orientation or your gender identity.

For us, human diversity implies the possibility of multiple family structures and therefore we respect the autonomy of each family in the way they relate to their significant others. So you can count on a safe and professional therapeutic context to explore the difficulties and challenges your are facing.

Procedure to start family therapy

For us, every family is a particular universe of relationships and meanings, in which each member has different needs, frameworks and personal processes, which have to be considered during the therapeutic process to make change easier.

consultorio.circuloTherefore, we offer a therapeutic environment that is free of any dogmatic position, in which you will be able to explore what this situation means to you and your family, the fears and emotions you are experiencing and the alternatives to preserve your personal well-being and the family’s welfare.

Family therapy begins with your request for help and involves a personalized assessment, according to your needs and expectations regarding the therapeutic process. When you contact us, one of our therapists will accompany you in the process of scheduling your first session.

At the first session you can tell your therapist about the situations you are going through and so your therapist will design the best strategy to help you.

Each session lasts one hour and you can schedule it Mondays through Fridays from 9 am to 10 pm.


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