We are the first independent therapy organization in Colombia for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender consultants and others with gender and sexual diversities. We also provide our services for heterosexuals who prefer a prejudice-free therapeutic environment that values human diversity.

We aim to promote high quality, specialized and confidential therapy services in order to help solve the difficulties or worries that our consultants face.

We offer individual therapy, couple therapy and family therapy.

We, as a therapeutic team, are a group of clinical psychologists who are committed to and very experienced in working with sexual and gender diversities. We have a Masters Degree from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, a prestigious university in Colombia. The clinical perspective we use in psychotherapy is based on a constructivist epistemology and a systemic approach.

certificado.secretaria.saludOur team is certified by the District Health Department as a warrant of our commitment to the highest standards in our services.

The values that define our professional commitment are:

Diversity: We value the singularity of each and every one of our consultants as human beings, without any discrimination or moral judgment of their vital positions.

Confidentiality: we carefully guard all the information given to us by our consultants, respecting their right to privacy and offering a therapeutic relationship based on trust and transparency.

Autonomy: we support those who decide to live life according to their own parameters and guide them in their paths and challenges.